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The pleasure of the kitchen. The “pleasures” of enjoying your kitchen are comprised of the relationship between people and the environment in which they enjoy living and preparing food. Do we want it to be modern, technological and serious; very simple and clean or in a cozy environment? Being aware of market trends and an informed consumer are the answers that market oriented companies provide.

PEDINI in the center of the kitchen's world

Has a leading role in the history of the kitchen design world, for over fifty years.
In these years, Pedini has evolved from handcrafted craftsmanship to state of the art technology and materials, keeping perfectly in tune with our constantly evolving modern lifestyles.
Research and development, planning and design, manufacturing technologies, supply chain management, certifications of quality, commercial services… these are the themes of which Pedini’s management work togheter with external collaborations. Pedini invests on these elements to guarantee its future and to continue to be a leader of the Italian kitchen furniture industry.

PEDINI History

Pedini style and design theme began in 1957 and still exist today. Curved compositions, the integration of appliances, flush handles, no handles and unique materials single out Pedini’s individuality. Every Pedini kitchen has a design language that separate it from its competitors. All Pedini products are internationally certified to the highest standards. This has been earned by adopting modern pratices, environmentally friendly products, non toxic glues and varnishes and other ecology friendly materials. The result is a product that is completely recyclable. In a Pedini kitchen, the Italian style is present in every aesthetical choice and in every detail. This is Pedini’s way of life, the beauty as a goal.


Materika is a structured program, characterized by 30° angle doors. Its shape makes it practical and simple to use. Materials are combined and lacquered colours are alternated in different kinds of finishes which match the ecomalta, glass and stainless steel surfaces. The result is an opportunity to experience original projects in the name of functional beauty.
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Arts & Crafts

“Arts & Crafts” refers to the couple “vintage – innovation” intended as a vocation towards the past which sets a new life-style and design. Maximum customisation to create a modern “kitchen studio” where the elements thought in the concept planning of the “broke up” kitchen can merge and integrate perfectly, in a whole space dedicated to conviviality and total living.
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Arkè is the highest expression of this, because it pairs a wide range of materials, finishes and colours with and a variety of “luxury” wood types, to create excellence in projects. In this new project, Arkè represents an extremely eclectic kitchen program, a path that highlights the contemporary need to create wide-ranging adjoining environments.
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The Eko line is a perfect example of integration, whether intended as the ability to establish a correlation between the furnishing elements in the same space, or as the desire to connect different areas of the house by designing “open space” furniture. A fair balance between spontaneity and originality that makes the free development of ideas possible.
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The research of equilibrium between design and comfort is the key element to a great. Artika – its shapes convey again harmony and simplicity. Perfect spaces are created for a family that demands freedom of movement in the most important part of the house. The dynamics of the curved lines doesn’t compromise the functionality of the interior spaces.
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The curved line, without doubt, is the main Dune characteristic that has the Pedini imprint. Also a clear Pedini trademark are the custom designed cooker hob/sink, that are integrated in the special shaped worktops. The equilibrium among taste, style and function is exalted by refined aesthetical choices, rich of winding softness.
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The importance of a project that comes from the heart. An unexpected development from Pedini. The company introduces a new model symbolic with traditions of the Past. To the origin a simple thought born from a solid project, made with natural materials and realized for growing together with the family. All the compositions are produced for being able to develop in time.
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Rigorous and refined design, quality in planning and technology, selected materials from ecomalta to resin, from wood to laminate. Wellness is a complete system of co-ordinated and integrated solutions; being in constant advancement, it represents an innovative furnishing solution for the bathroom where contemporary research and durability are crucial.
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